Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sweet potatoes!!

Luca loves to grab, grab, grab. And, he now loves to chew on everything. Once he grabs something, it goes directly into his mouth. Here are a few pics from last week.

We have started feeding Luca some soft food. A few days ago he finally seemed to be interested in bananas. So now we are trying sweet potatoes yesterday and it was a success! Of course ... some of the sweet potato ended up on us instead of in his mouth. But we were having fun!!


  1. what a cutie!
    i could just scream!

  2. Oh Luca, aren't bananas and sweet potatoes nummy?

    When are you coming to visit?

  3. i wish you were here to see just how cute he is! he would scream with you!

    we are visiting at xmas, he will be so big by then!