Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3 months old!

Luca will be 3 months old tomorrow !! Wow, time really flies by fast. Luca is growing and growing. He is now about 13 lbs and is smiling quite a bit. He is more aware of his surroundings and is starting to grab things around him.

Here are some Holga pictures we took last week.

All of us hanging out on the porch.

Luca with his mommy

Luca with his daddy


  1. Hi handsome Luca. You are having quite an effect on your Mommy and Daddy; what did you do wtih Mommy's curls?
    I showed your Aunt Sue how to put your picture on our the computer desktop. She now changes it when we get new pictures and sometimes I hear her talking to you!

  2. he he, luca loves it when people talk to him. One day he will be able to reply to his Auntie!